This is called water paint, the common type of paint that is use in Nigeria. They are of different quality but for durability ,you must use quality paint if not ,you will waste money and your building painting will look old

  • Pros

    Emulsion paints are less toxic as compared to other oil based paints and have less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and also cause fewer problems such as skin irritations. These paints have very little risks for humans and animals around because the only thing that evaporates and enters the air is hydrogen and oxygen.

    Exposure to water will not affect the colour or quality of emulsion paint.

    Emulsion paint is available in paint sheen such as matte finish and egg shell finish.

    Emulsion paints don’t dry, crack or fade in the sunlight. They are less likely to attract the growth of mildew on it.

  • Cons

    Emulsion paints have low drying rate in high humidity atmosphere.

    It may be more expensive than the oil based paint.

    Emulsion paints are known to have more elasticity than oil based paints.